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Business Analysis

No one should offer technology advice without first understanding what makes your business tick. We are experienced in analyzing business process workflows and indetifying areas of improvement, and where technology will best fit with your team.

Proactive Support

Without an IT person on staff, many businesses let technology problems get progressively worse until they are negatively impacting productivity. We give you the benefits of routine IT maintenance without the cost of a full-time employee, so that your team can keep technology working for them instead of against them.

Integrated Solutions

In today’s business world, no software exists as an island. Each product and service must seamlessly interact to form a unified solution to meet your needs. Following the latest technology trends and companies enables us to give the right recommendations for each situation.

what we do

Part-time support, full-time results
We know how to make technology work for your business

There's no getting around the need to leverage technology to succeed in today's world. However, tech doesn't have to be expensive, and doesn't require full-time support anymore. The era of cloud computing has brought cheap, easy, and secure ways to host your website, email, file sharing, team collaboration, and more.

Your business needs on-demand, efficient and helpful IT support. SimplifyIT stays abreast of the latest digital trends so that when your business has a problem, we have the best solutions to offer. We are your technology expert, so that you can focus on running your business.

  • We are your IT helpdesk

  • Clean and modern sites

  • The days of hosting servers are over

  • Platforms that connect seamlessly

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